They don't think we exist in foxholes, and they want to make sure we don't in a few others.

Here is the discussion from The Young Turks - No Atheists in Soup Kitchens

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The ludicrous behavior of the Christian soup kitchen's head honcho reminds me of racial segregation. He might as well have said, "We don't want YOUR KIND in here or around the people being servèd. Plus, your care packages are probably tainted with atheist vibrations!"

More than likely they don't want to admit to themselves that we're at least as moral as they are, despite what Psalms 14:1 says ... and accepting our money or help would be as much as acknowledging that.

Spot on!
You have a gift for incisiveness, Mr. Miller.

[shrug] I call 'em as I see 'em ... but thanks!

These folks aren't very forward thinking. When I was a Christee and a minister, I happily welcomed non-believers to these sorts of events. The Biblical purpose of the church is to reach out to the "lost" and to help the poor and hurting. Well, you can't very well reach out to the heathen if your church is full of nothing but saved folk.

So anyway, not only do they sound ridiculous for their intolerance, their God would also frown upon their actions, if only he truly existed as anything but an imaginary friend.

Im starting an atheist beer kitchen in alameda ca. come on one will be turned away.


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