Student in UK denied free access to school bus because she's the wrong religion

AN 11-YEAR-OLD girl moving to a Catholic high school in September will have to pay her own bus fares, because of her religion.

Nicole Meyrick is starting at St Thomas More Catholic College, in Longton, on September 9 after being at a Catholic primary school since the age of three.

But Nicole, of Stone Road, Trentham, will now have to pay for bus travel for the four mile journey to the Longton school because she is not a Catholic.


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That kid needs to walk 4 miles to school every day before the diabetes sets in.
I wouldn't mind having children baptized in as many religions as needed to have all the the required certificates, as long as it's not illegal and a possible cause of litigation.
Nah, you couldn't get sued. Anybody can claim to believe anything they want. For instance I'm currently believing in Mormonism, Catholicism, Scientology,and Ba'hai and nobody can prove I DON'T believe in all that bullshit. Hell, now I want to get baptized in every religion. Gotta catch'em all!
I like your attidude Brian, but how the hell does one go about collecting some of those tithes that the believers pay for PIE in THE SKY WHEN YOU DIE??



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