Studies Supposedly Say Legalized Child Pornography Protects Children

A recent study in the Czech Republic together with previous studies in Denmark and Japan suggest that the legalization of child pornography results in fewer sex crimes against children. Unfortunately, the studies did not include in their definition of sex crimes against children the making of the pornography. Of course legalizing the pornography would create a world wide black market of suppliers each trying to be more pornographic (with innocent children) than the other to fill the demand for it. Hopefully, priests will be more interested in such a black market than we.     

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I totally understand where you are coming from and couldn't agree more. Even if the pictures were computer generated there would be a world wide black market for the real thing. If we are going to be outraged when priests sexually abuse children we should be so when anyone does it.
I think the kind of "child pornography" they're describing here is the soft-focus coffee table book stuff like David Hamilton produces, the making of which could be and has been argued harmless. I mean, Hamilton's books were carried by Barnes & Noble! I don't believe they are referring to the hardcore stuff, which is unarguably harmful and should never be legalized.
you can speculate all you want but that doesnt make it a fact, they don't tell us in the link so we won't know unless we contact them :P
It true, the article is vague on that point. I know from talking to people who have traveled to Amsterdam that in Holland the stores sell soft-core child pornography (along with every other kind) right out on the street, and it's the type I described above, where there is no sexual contact of any sort.

Even in the United States, this type of material is not generally prosecuted, otherwise it would set a precedent wherein every parent who took a candid photo of their kid in the bathtub would be in danger of being prosecuted and labeled as a sex offender.
imagine that trial
I thought nowadays parents could possibly get in trouble for taking naked photos of their babies? Which I think is pretty overzealous.
I want to know what kid is going to WILLINGLY participate in the creation of child pornography! Presuming someone can deal with preteens who would fit the bill and be intelligent enough to understand what is being asked of them, then FURTHER presuming that such intelligent children would even WANT to do so rather goes beyond the pale, so far as I'm concerned. Then of course there's dealing with the demand for YOUNGER children who would likely NOT have the intellectual capacity to consent to what is going on.

Nope, sorry, nuhuh, don't buy this noise for a second!
But this is in the Daily Mail! The number of complaints upheld by the Press Commision against that rag is 3 times higher than against any other paper. And that's even allowing for a rejection-rate of over 90% of all cases on "technicalities". The editors/owners even have a multi-million special bank-account for the purpose of settling in or out of court. Don't believe a word of it. I've lived in Denmark since 1986 and I've never heard of this study.
There is a variable that at least the Czech Republic study did not consider. It is associated with the following statement per the article:

To make it legal, would suggest that inappropriate behaviour and violence towards children is acceptable.

Making the pornography legal would have the effect of making actual child molestation more tolerable. Therefore, it would result in a reduction in the reporting of actual child molestation thereby giving the false appearance that actual child molestation declined. At least the Czech study did not take this variable into account and, therefore, was scientifically flawed.
To make it legal, would suggest that inappropriate behaviour and violence towards children is acceptable.

That's exactly what I'm worried about. I'm worried that this is propaganda somehow orchestrated by some group similar to our idiots, NAMBLA. This could be some attempt at a public perception shift. You do these things in steps. Here's step one.
I know exactly what you mean.



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