Tea Party busy setting up Creationism in school after elected to deal with budget

A push for creationism gains in Springboro

This is right around the corner from me, and it makes me want to scream. The state of Ohio mandates teaching evolution, all students are tested on evolution to gain a high school diploma, and the laws about it being illegal to teach creationism couldn't be any clearer.

Yet here we have more "fiscal conservatives" showing they are nothing of the sort and setting up their school district for a massive legal fight they can't possibly win. How much money with these teabaggers waste of Springboro's money fighting for mandatory religion in the classroom?  How many more students will fail to graduate high school if this passes?  How many won't be able to go to college because they make fools of themselves?  How many future scientists will instead be working at gas stations because they were taught science isn't real?

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I have a question as regards this:  is there any monitoring activity currently engaged on Tea Party congresspeople to consider what issues they are engaging while in office?  Ostensibly, the Tea Party is supposed to be about taxes and fiscal policy as a primary focus.  One would expect that to constitute the majority of their legislative action in their respective offices.  However, if some of them are using their party as a smoke screen to push questionable social policies such as the above, strong, public attention needs to be focused on these actions and the involved legislators should be called to account.
Everything is monitored.  It's just that no one pays any attention to it until the next election.  The best we ever get to accountability, in the vast majority of cases, is the usage of their voting record in the next election cycle's attack ads.
Yeah, I sorta figured it was.  Obviously, now what we need to do is take the products of that monitoring and USE IT.  I rather like the idea of paying attention to it NOW rather than waiting for campaign season.
Can't afford the analysis of the data, with the way the Republicans are stripping Federal funding.  Bastards.

This particular instance is completely insane.  They're not even bothering with the Intelligent Design smokescreen.  They're flat-out pushing Creationism.

So many of these Tea Party Republicans seem more detached from reality than the usual bunch of Republicans.  I just hope we get a backlash from the middle, in another two years, once the flip-flop voters see what sort of monsters they've let loose.


Fellow member, Scott Anderson, who was elected with Kohls when the district was struggling financially, supports his colleague’s idea.

“Creationism is a significant part of the history of this country,” Kohls said. “It is an absolutely valid theory and to omit it means we are omitting part of the history of this country.”


So many things wrong with that statement.

Also, I'm sure the people of this financially-struggling district will appreciate the cost of the court battle.


I'd comment on some of the more outrageous bits from further down the page as well, but it's the usual stuff we've come to expect from anti-science idiots.

I talked to a mother from this district today, and she told me she'd be for it if they weren't asking for another levy.  The amount of wrong in that answer made me want to vomit...
Levy?  Not following you.  You mean a tax?  What does that have to do with any of this?  Elaborate please.

they absolutly can NOT do that on constitutional grounds.

where the hell is the ACLU about this?!?!

these kids are going to be intelectualy cripled for the rest of there lives!

its the same thing that will happen to any "religious" (restricted, ignorent and sencored) school system.

its just setting these kids up for failiure on the world stage.

one race=human

one place=earth.

all else is irrelevant.

and on that kind of a world stage, these kids will be intellectually crippled for life.

".....you want fries with that?..."

Don't worry.  The lawsuit is coming.
Yep, and it is going to suck money out of a district that needs it...so unfortunate.

hope you dont mind I sent your little schpeil to the Whitehouse comment line.

under my name of corse.

suggest that we send this to your governor also.


its almost time.

Tea Party in my mind is pretty much synonymous with anti-intellectual, christianist, magical thinking.




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