Tea Party busy setting up Creationism in school after elected to deal with budget

A push for creationism gains in Springboro

This is right around the corner from me, and it makes me want to scream. The state of Ohio mandates teaching evolution, all students are tested on evolution to gain a high school diploma, and the laws about it being illegal to teach creationism couldn't be any clearer.

Yet here we have more "fiscal conservatives" showing they are nothing of the sort and setting up their school district for a massive legal fight they can't possibly win. How much money with these teabaggers waste of Springboro's money fighting for mandatory religion in the classroom?  How many more students will fail to graduate high school if this passes?  How many won't be able to go to college because they make fools of themselves?  How many future scientists will instead be working at gas stations because they were taught science isn't real?

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I agree with that.
That's the more sane side of their agenda, yes.



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