Tea Party candidate is the messiah; finds Ark of Covenant in Arizona

Oh, and God will drop a pyramid in Greenland to declare it the new Jerusalem. A pyramid 1,000 miles high (not feet or meters or stories, 'miles'). 

Seeing as how this is Republicans making claims about other Republicans, I'm hesitant to believe it. But if true, wouldn't such claims make the guy more popular with the Tea Party?

After all, no one would make crap like that up or be deluded into believing it, so it must be true. And who wouldn't want the Messiah in Congress and a thousand mile high pyramid in Greenland? I would totally book a tour to see that! 

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Good Grief, Agnes!!! Where did they get THIS rocket scientist???
You said it Bill S.

For all folks who aren't fans of Obama, consider the alternative. I'm on a Facebook thread right now where an Atheist or three are vowing not to vote for him because he recognized the National Day of Prayer.

I'm asking them; "And you think whomever the Republicans nominate will be better than that?"

It's the lesser of two or three evils guys.
Bill S: I already know for certain who isn't getting my vote come fall.

For years I've wished people could use their vote either for or against a candidate. At least it'd give a measure of the available candidates' real popularity.

(I know there would be serious drawbacks to a "for or against" vote, but I still find the idea appealing, just for the badness of it ;-))
I too have often thought more people might vote if you were simply voting 'against.'

Or maybe we can make it like American Idol; whittle down the pool one elimination at a time.
What do you do if they all do it then?
Yeah, I've never known a candidate/party not to use negative ads against the other guy.

And sometimes it's a good thing. What the Dems should do this year is just choose from any number of soundbites from their competition and loop them over and over.

It won against Arlen Spector.
Honestly, sometimes a negative ad campaign can be good imho. This year, all the Dems have to do is play running loops of the GOP candidates tripping over themselves to see who can say the most idiotic thing.

Worked in PA: The ad showed Arlen Spector's soundbite about how he switched parties because he thought it would help him win.

Sorry dude. Helped you lose.
Ain't that an oxymoron?
Headline should also read "Can't find anyone, that will work under the table, to help carry it."
In addition, a doctor wrote in the custody proceedings that D'Annunzio told him he had once received treatment for heroin dependence, and was jailed three times for offenses that included burglary and assaulting a police officer. Yea he will make a good candidate for an Afghan delegation.
Oh but remember; drug scandals are bad ... unless it's a Republican, in which case gawd (and the adoring base) forgives all.


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