Jerry Buell's major Facebook mistake


This was brought to my attention by Hemant over at the Friendly Atheist blog.


Essentially, this teacher has been suspended over hateful comments he made on his Facebook page.  Facebook has a way of getting teachers fired, and many schools forbid teachers from having a Facebook page.  There are a lot of crazy cases in court right now involving teachers and Facebook. 


Here is the question: where is the line protecting teacher's freedom of speech compared to the line where we must protect the students from bigots?   We wouldn't want a white supremacist member teaching black students would we?  Perhaps some are so supportive of the First Amendment they would allow that (I know there is a violence issue with some white supremacy, but for this argument let us ignore it). 


Where is that line?  Personally, I think anyone showing hatred for a group, especially a group that person will probably have power over, should be removed from that position.  But a lot of people have been disagreeing with me, so let us have at it! 


EDIT: (28Aug2011)


This just in via Friendly Atheist and Mike K.
Go figure, he likes to preach at his students too.  Case closed, this guy needs to not teach in public school anymore.

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Sentient Biped - Public employees are not servants. They are employee like 90% of all working Americans. They usually lake less money that their counter parts on the private sector and are never given the credit they are due.
You might want to learn all the definitions of a word before replying.  He used the word correctly.
Legal Dictionary

Main Entry: ser·vant
Function: noun
:  a person who serves others: as a :  an individual who performs duties about the person or home of a master or personal employer b :  a person in the employ and subject to the direction or control of an individual or company —see also RESPONDEAT SUPERIOR —compare AGENT, MASTER
Edited the initial discussion to reflect this new information.  Good catch.
Why don't people like that just teach in a religious school?
More jobs and better pay in public schools generally.




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