The Dallas Morning News reported yesterday (Oct.15) that a new advertising campaign by a Tarrant county church backfired on them when someone, apparently angered by the slogan "Jesus Does Not Care," vandalized the 8 x 10 foot sign in front of the church.
It was actually an invitation to a gospel website. After you read the article though, tell me if you think the minister of the church is implying that it was understandable (and maybe even ok) to vandalize the sign if you think an atheist put it up?

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" Referring to the vandalism, Swiggart said, “We kind of take it as someone well-meaning. If you just look at the words, you think, `Well, that’s not good. Jesus does care.'" "

I think that answers your question, bro. They'd consider it well-meaning to rip it down if it were put there by someone who wasn't Christian.

Talk about a failed motto. They had to know their base couldn't handle the required thought behind such a thing.

Like Mick said though; very telling that they were ok with the intent of the vandalization.
Aww shucks I've known Jesus didn't care for forty years. However you put a sign like that up in a town probably overrun by Jesus' fan base. That's just asking for something bad to happen. Not a lot of deep thinkers there... Whut?! Jesus don' care...Lak hell he don'. whurs ma gun Buelah



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