Texas governor pans drilling safety regulations, suggests ‘God’ to blame for BP’s oil disaster


Texas governor pans drilling safety regulations, suggests ‘God’ to blame for BP’s oil disaster

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If the very Christian, very Republican governor of Texas is right on this one, he may soon find it politically expedient to rethink his allegiances, what with 2010 being an election
year and all.

That's right: according to Republican Rick Perry, no amount of safety requirements can prevent an "act of God," which may or may not have occurred in the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in 11 dead oil
rig workers and a gusher of oil jetting over 2 million gallons of crude
per day into the fragile aquatic ecosystem.

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>>>>>>>are they just insane or stupid?

The answer to your question is yes.
www.godhatesoildrilling.com ?

They'll use anything to push the "no regulations" politics. If it is expedient to their business interests to put everything in the hands of the Lord, they will.
Obviously, governor Rick was too busy to listen to Limbaugh today. If he had, he would know that environmentalists caused this ecological disaster to get public support for their agenda. God did the whole volcano thing and Katrina. He fancies his fish and birds, so I don't think this one is on god. But I'm not as smart as Governor Rick, so what do I know?

I'm glad I'm never going to have kids. I'd hate for them to learn in history class how god caused an oil spill.

Personally, I think it was Poseidon trying to make a comeback.
well that isn't what he means. The background is pretty clear in saying it is about god.
Let's just agree with this chucklehead and see where it can get us...

Yes, God did it. In fact, this is God's way of telling us to stop using oil and get on something renewable.
This is certainly good news for BP and Transocean! After all, if this was God's will, then doesn't that free them from liability? I was wondering who the first wacko would be. Actually, I thought it would be Pat Robertson.
Rush Limbaugh doesn't blame God for the oil leak. He notes how convenient the timing was for environmentalists to do it in order to sink upcoming cap-and-trade legislation that would have allowed more drilling. Yep, environmentalists caused the greatest environmental disaster since the Exxon Valdez in order to prevent environmental disasters.

Of course it's a liberal conspiracy, and just in time for Earth Day!
Everything is always the enemies' fault with these whack jobs. If they were reasonable and for more drilling they could just say

"This is a very rare occurrence, and while we must strive to stop it from happening again, this shouldn't limit our expansion of oil drilling, but simply teach us how to not do it in the future."

See, how hard was that? But, no, whackaloons will be whackaloons.
I heard that Comrade Obama did it so he can make BP go broke paying for the cleanup so he could take them over and socialize oil.

On a related note, I have some tin-foil hats that I'm selling at CRAZY-low prices. Just call 1-800-272-9437 or 1-800-CRAZIES.
So since god made the Iceland volcano erupt because he's mad about American health reform, he must have caused an American oil well to leak to express his anger at Iceland about ... naming it 'Iceland?'


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