Interesting piece on a Texas news station.  Rather dramatic way to come out atheist.

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It's amazing how those who profess a 'religion of love' are so quick to hate and ostracize those who leave their ranks. I'm certain, however, that the triumph of reason over ignorance beats a life tied down or twined with dogma. Kudos, to those who find such freedom!

It's interesting he states reading the bible led him to atheism.  I had the same experience, many years ago.   Now his church dissolved - interesting.  I assume most will go to other churches.

Yeah, another member of The Clergy Project.  Give it another 5 or 10 years, and they'll have thousands.

Yes, it's always interesting how some people, when they sit down and really read and study the bible, begin to see right through all the holes while others find that their religious beliefs are enlightened and strengthened.  My mother (who knows not to bring up the topic of religion in my presence) attends a monthly bible study.  I'd sure like to know what they study and learn in those sessions, but of course I love our peaceful existence too much to ask her.  My own atheistic conversion began at my Lutheran high school when I was required to take religion classes.  As we studied the differences between religions and the discriminatory practices they each had, I began to see that they were all governed by rules and policies made up by humans, not from some divine declaration from above.  The seed was planted.       




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