Read about a news story allowing Texas schools to teach the Bible.

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Okay, fine. What does that have to do with this topic thread? And I didn't say it was a Texas cult, I said it was a cult in Texas. That piece of information I got from you.
If we stepped out of reality for just a moment and the Texas school board would allow the following. This would be a great class if taught by a skeptic literature instructor. It would be a demonstration on how NOT to write a book. It's full of contradictions. Over the course of the book, the main character's (god) personality and physical form seems to change without reason. No way would it get published today.
Are you kidding me? Have you looked at the crap in the New Age section? Just the dust cover blurbs make my eyes bleed! They'll publish ANYTHING if they can make a buck without getting blown up.
"Have you looked at the crap in the New Age section?"

I was thinking more in terms of literature as in something with a story like a novel. Not "how to cure cancer with your urine."
Ah, okay then. Although I'd argue that there is plenty of awful shite there as well...but yeah, the Bible takes the cake in that department.
I just once, want to see someone teaching something like this:

And the Bible says that in the year 2400BC the world was covered in a the same time Egyptians were building pyramids and the Hindu religion was teaching the world was countless billions of years old.

The looks on the Christian faces would be PRICELESS.
Oh, the would be fun *evil grin*
It would be easy to overreact to this, but assuming that the following statement is true:
'Many protections were put in the law to ensure that the instruction would be "objective, not from a particular point of view, and would neither promote nor disparage any religion."'
Then I see no obvious harm to it, as long as those protections are enforced. That is, admittedly, something I would be somewhat skeptical about.
Especially by the state of Texas.




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