The Archbishop of Dublin challenges the Church (CBS News - 60 Minutes)


Honestly, I can't add a damned thing to the above report.  Bob Simon and Diarmuid Martin have said it all, and done so brilliantly.

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It's a good thing this is being made public, and the archbishop has done a very good thing, but I truly can't understand how those that know of the coverup can remain in the church.

I was so brainwashed in mormonism that it took me 50 years to break out, however, If I had known of a coverup of this magnitude in the mormon church, I'm sure I would have rejected the church very quickly.

I'm an ex-Mormon as well except I got out when I was still in my early 20's.  There's no coverup like this but they do coverup a lot.  Very few members of the LDS church know that Joseph Smith translated the B of M by putting a stone in a hat and covering his head with a sheet, or words in the D&C being changed such as Oliver Cowdery having the gift of the rod (divining rod) being changed to him having the gift of Aaron. 

As for this Archbishop, at least he has enough of a conscious to come forward.  You have to wonder about the truthfulness of any organization that feels they need to hide things that really happened.

One of the many coverups that I didn't know about when I was mormon was that Joseph Smith made-up at least 3 completely different versions of his first vision and the church selected the one that sounded the most impressive to tell everyone.

Another was he lied to his wife and the rest of the church members about him taking other wives until she found-out for sure and became irate.  Then he made-up the "revelation" of polygamy.

I read this book called "The Mormon Murders" and it was about the guy who forged the White Salamander letter.  He actually sold the church a bunch of things that were forged by him.  The interesting thing is the church thought they were real and bought them so no one could see them.  This only came out because he was charged for murder and forgery but it makes you wonder how many other things they have locked away so no one can see them.

It's disgraceful that the non-pedophiles in the catholic church failed to report serious crime to the police and harboured these pedophiles. Criminal charges should be brought against all clergy involved in the crimes whether as perpetrators, accomplices or harbourers. They should face long prison sentences or, in appropriate jurisdictions, execution. The pope would have been fully aware and should face the consequences.

I guess the way I see this isn't as anything "rebellious" or "challenging" to the church.  He's simply trying to staunch the hemorrhaging.  Undoubtedly he has the full knowledge and consent of of the Vatican, just like his predecessors did when originally covering these things up.

I just can't get passed how he think rape is worse because it was done in a chapel.

Oh, because it defiles the HOLINESS of the chapel, dontchaknow...

[sigh] These people are so mired in their own superstitions that I wonder how well they really are connected to reality.  Somehow they think that their church is still something to be respected when the people who make up the hierarchy of the church either 1) commit such crimes, 2) cover up such crimes or 3) act as though the crimes never existed or don't matter.

You want something that makes child rape WORSE?  There it is.

I suppose, if a chapel is supposed to be thought of as a safe place, like a school is, that does make it worse without invoking any kind of holiness thinking.  If a child were to be raped in a school by a teacher, I think that could be considered worse than, say, by an uncle or aunt.  Still, that's a pretty terrible thing to try and compare which is worse, though.


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