The Director of Atheist Nexus Speaks Out on Atheist Communities

(Report by Hugh Kramer) I've just returned from a meeting of the Ventura County atheists where we heard a talk by and had a discussion with Richard Haynes, who runs Atheist Nexus, the new (it just celebrated it's first birthday) social networking site exclusively for non-theists. Richard, who sometimes writes under the sobriquet, "Brother Richard," was formerly an associate minister at a 12,000 member evangelical mega-church in Georgia. In 1993, he experienced a crisis of conscience over some of it's practices and, with his young wife and baby daughter, left the church. After a lot of vicissitudes and soul-searching, both he and his wife concluded that they no longer believed in God. Some of the habits of his time as an evangelist have persisted though and now he has dedicated himself to encouraging other atheists to "come out of the closet" and form themselves into a self-sustaining community. That, in fact, was the subject of his talk.
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Dude, I am done with you. No more comments from me. I stand by what I have said and what I do, not by your twisted interpretation of it.

Good bye.
Hard line fundamentalism: Not listening to anything that gets said, reading from a list of accusations, reaching the end and starting again like its the very first time. Lather, rinse, repeat. That's fundamentalism.

Alber - you are a dick.

Hey Joe, the Jump The Shark reference applies more to your laughable backpedaling, COWARDLY assertion above that you guys were "only joking" on The Atheist News Podcast #9 about your support for the Church using children to dispense beer to men in church.

Your support for that Church dispensing Beer was reinforced by your continued arguing in support of it in the Forum comments section for that episode when I challenged your position on it there.

You could have said you were joking in the Podcast, or in the comments afterwords but you did not. You now say it because others here on this site have been alerted to your support of the Church using children in this way to put more bums in their empty pews.

Is there anything worse that a pathetic intellectual coward who cannot even admit that they meant what they said, even after being challenged and given every opportunity to recant but still sticking to your position in the comment section. You guys are the ones who have jumped the shark. You are the ones who have dishonored yourselves by now apparently being disingenuous to cover your embarrassment.

Below is the link to the comment section of the Atheist News Podcast # 9 where you additionally support the position you took in the Podcast. You were clearly not Joking as you, or Brother Richard, or you speaking as Brother Richard said in an earlier comment above here in this forum.

Now I have only dropped in for a few minutes so cannot comment on Brother Richards response or much else because I am on vacation here: Http:// Hey if you look really close in one of the videos on that page, you may see me....or not! There are a bunch of Festivals here every summer and we are entertaining Travelers who came in for the 11 day

I will be back perhaps on Monday or Tuesday, so everyone think happy thoughts and do try to be nice to each other while I am away.
Please cut and paste the exact sentence in which I said I was joking. If you cannot, I'm going to be showing you the exit and you can go fabricate stories about someone else for a while.
Well Joe there doesn't seem to be a "Reply" link on your post of August 6, 2009 at 2:34am, so I'll post the reply here if that is okay.

"I am amazed that anyone thought we were serious when we talked about the church passing out beer." (Reply by Brother Richard on August 1, 2009 at 9:11pm)

Now that is a reply from Brother Richards account which either your or he wrote. I am not sure which of you wrote it as there are times when it seems you were writing his responses, nevertheless the quote exactly says that you guys were merely joking.

I had hoped that you were joking but after I engaged you on the Atheist News comment section you bolstered your support of the position that the church was acting well, so that pretty much nullifies the cowardly stance now being advanced that it was just a joke.

Now it is okay and indeed laudable to change your mind on things after giving the matter further thought, but to try to slip backward through a knothole is another thing entirely.
Jason: Alber doesn't seem to be able to keep a civil tongue in his head, but I think an important distinction is being missed when people talk about the "freedom" to decide to wear the burqa.

The most important distinction being missed is that of setting a legal precedent. This is oil for a slippery slope. Think of your prized t-shirt collections becoming criminalised.

There is nothing here that has not already been said anyway.

Alber, your circular noise-mongering and pompous indignation is a trait usually exhibited by those who have already been ejected from this site at least once for serial idiocy, and dive straight back in with a new and bogus account with renewed fanaticism. This wouldn't be the case with you, would it ? Just curious.
So felcher does this mean that the wedding is off? I want my engagement ring back, and by the way, your ass looked sooooo fat in that dress at the wedding rehearsal.
The only thing that makes me think you're not Alex Donovan is that you haven't squealed "troll!" yet.
Well, his "about me" only says "Atheist!". As if there were non atheists here.

Judith, if there was a grass-roots movement from Islamic women pleading with Western governments to ban the burqa, I would be right there behind them. The fact is, there is no such movement. I will not impose my cultural beliefs on other women when they have not called for it. Islamic women must set their own agenda for liberation, and then we can stand in solidarity with them on the issues on which are important to them.


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