Im sure this will be on the news everywhere.  The Senate voted to end Don't Ask / Don't Tell.  NY Times.


McCain decried the vote in no uncertain terms.  I used to not-dislike him so much, but after he cynically or stupidly foisted Palin on the scene like a cancer on US politics, then dishonestly finds one excuse after another to block an equal rights change that the majority of the country supported (even most conservatives) and the military forces are mostly behind, I think the bigot deserves nothing but scorn.  He squandered his early years as a military "hero" and former POW, to become a friend of despots and a failed one himself, in his sensecence.


As for the comparison to racial desegregation of the military, that gets into all sorts of discussions relating "race" and "sexual orientation" and are there parallels and differences.  The history of military desegregation is an interesting read - wikipedia  Reading the section on military desegregation, I can't help but beleive that leaders in that era had more political courage than the practical politicians of today.


But at last this step has occurred.  I refused to beleive it would, but it did.  I hope it sticks.




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This just goes to show that even the Senate will vote for a common sense measure once in awhile (provided you bribe enough of them and/or twist enough arms).

I wonder how many boyfriends and booty buddies of Senators and Congressmen had to threaten them with the cellphone photos of their recreational activities, to make this happen....

That's an absolutely wonderful concept. It's like the old Wife Power thing but...well, not. XD I love it!

Ever argument that I have heard, especially from Mccain, could be applied to when women were first allowed into the military.

Like the "it will ruin cohesion b/c some people don't like gays" argument. Seen also in "gays shouldn't be allowed to adopt because the kids will get made fun of". The "argument from catering to prejudices".

<i>"it will ruin cohesion b/c some people don't like gays"


Seems like that could be swapped out for an argument against atheists just as easily as anything else, doesn't it?

I'm sure he's just as much against women in the military as he is against gays, but one of them, he thinks, is a politically expedient position.

I don't know about Mccain; he seems like a poser who will say anything to get votes. At different times he's tried to make himself look moderate or uber-conservative. This time he wanted to come off uber-conservative and had to stick with it.

I am quite happy that this sham law is gone BUT the military being what it is I doubt any deliberate vilent assaults/murders committed by "rural caucasian Americans" will be punished to the same exreme as any other incident of a soldier killing a soldier. Folks, your Army is an insult to the concept of justice. I've seen it over and over...and over. Getting someone killed or fostering an environment as a commander where any human life is cheapened is OK, but a speeding ticket or driving without insurance is the most evil thing you can do. The real problems are going to come from the Dominionist commanders who like to put scripture at the end of their emails...To make it work, anyone who violates existing EO policies or is in any way involved with creating a hostile environment towards homosexuals needs to be ruthlessly and publicly punished so the shame can be heard across the services.

that gets into all sorts of discussions relating "race" and "sexual orientation" and are there parallels and differ

Well for one thing a black man does not have to tell his parents he's black.

And no fucking idiot can convince themselves it's a lifestyle choice.


Except apparently Mormons, who (if I read an article right some weeks ago) at least temporarily believed that black or dark skin was due to sin, and that dark-skinned kids raised by good Mormon parants would turn paler.



If a Morman child is raised by a black family do they get darker?  Weak minds want to know.




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