Im sure this will be on the news everywhere.  The Senate voted to end Don't Ask / Don't Tell.  NY Times.


McCain decried the vote in no uncertain terms.  I used to not-dislike him so much, but after he cynically or stupidly foisted Palin on the scene like a cancer on US politics, then dishonestly finds one excuse after another to block an equal rights change that the majority of the country supported (even most conservatives) and the military forces are mostly behind, I think the bigot deserves nothing but scorn.  He squandered his early years as a military "hero" and former POW, to become a friend of despots and a failed one himself, in his sensecence.


As for the comparison to racial desegregation of the military, that gets into all sorts of discussions relating "race" and "sexual orientation" and are there parallels and differences.  The history of military desegregation is an interesting read - wikipedia  Reading the section on military desegregation, I can't help but beleive that leaders in that era had more political courage than the practical politicians of today.


But at last this step has occurred.  I refused to beleive it would, but it did.  I hope it sticks.




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A weak mind wouldn't come up with the idea to ask the question! XD


Fuck if I know, anyway. I spent my childhood convinced, thanks to a throwaway Eddie Izzard gag, that the Mormons were actually from Mars. Then I read about them for real, and he wasn't that far off.

  • Well for one thing a black man does not have to tell his parents he's black.

What if his parents are blind?

To small of a nit to be picked.

What if his parents are blind?


This is making me think of the Dave Chappele skit where the nobody told the blind kid he was black and he grew up to be a white supremacist.

I'm thinking of a Dave Chapelle skit...

I agree, some what. With the house full of Reps things are going to slow down. I was happy dems maintained the Senate majority. Legislation is going to move painfully slow over the next two years. I believe this is a major part of the reps strategy while they try to regroup for the next presidential election, slow down progress so they can say Obama never accomplished anything.


Reps won't go near "don't ask don't tell" during the campaigns, they will try to concentrate on other failures of the Obama white house. I think this repeal will be Obama's strongest selling point, if he decides to run for re-election, the poor guy has had it rough.


If Palin runs and looks like she has a good chance of winning, I'll be submitting my papers for Canadian citizenship :D.

You know who else is proud saying "no" all the time? Two year olds who just learned the word.

Nah, it's only one half of congress that we lost.  They're not going to actually be able to reverse anything.  What we're going to see is the government shutting down and only the most bipartisan legislation being passed.

You underestimate the power of Democrats to buckle because they are cowards, and you underestimate the power of Republican terrorists holding the government hostage like they did with the tax reform that just went through.  Things will change, for the Democrats have no spine, and the Republicans are monsters.

Yeah, but can they get 67% to override the veto?

I honestly didn't think it would go through. I was already resigned to the failure of repeal.

Learn something new every day.

The pschychological toll be being closeted is tremendous.  It undermines all relationships - every time someome discusses their relationships, you hold back.  When people ask, you either lie or same-as-lie divert the topic.  You worry about the few people who you tell, if there are any, also slipping - and they are looped into  the fraud.  Most of your interactions with others are flavored by this lie.  Friendships are less close.  Love is more difficult to have, and to manage.  It's better to have fleeting, even anonymous, encounters than actual relationships and partnerships, so that you don't get caught.  This change is something that supports troops. 


When I was in the military, they did a good job with racial integration for new troops.  We all had to attend race relations classes, so that people who might never have known someone, who was not their race, would be able to work together with people who they wind up working and living with.  The system ws not perfect, but it was pretty good.  I grew up segregated, and the military re-booted my mindset, such that the rest of my life has been very diverse ad that diversity has been very rewarding for me.  This was before sexual integration was as much as now, so I don't know what they did with that change.   I hope they do well with this.


It also affirms the humanity of LGBT people.  It also says, subliminally, it doesn't matter what the bible, and bible thumpers, say, gay people deserve equal treatment.  Considering tha,t for many, the military is how they mature into adult thinking patterns, this is impressive.


One step in a long process spanning lifetimes, but a good step.



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