Im sure this will be on the news everywhere.  The Senate voted to end Don't Ask / Don't Tell.  NY Times.


McCain decried the vote in no uncertain terms.  I used to not-dislike him so much, but after he cynically or stupidly foisted Palin on the scene like a cancer on US politics, then dishonestly finds one excuse after another to block an equal rights change that the majority of the country supported (even most conservatives) and the military forces are mostly behind, I think the bigot deserves nothing but scorn.  He squandered his early years as a military "hero" and former POW, to become a friend of despots and a failed one himself, in his sensecence.


As for the comparison to racial desegregation of the military, that gets into all sorts of discussions relating "race" and "sexual orientation" and are there parallels and differences.  The history of military desegregation is an interesting read - wikipedia  Reading the section on military desegregation, I can't help but beleive that leaders in that era had more political courage than the practical politicians of today.


But at last this step has occurred.  I refused to beleive it would, but it did.  I hope it sticks.




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One more down.  Next up, nationwide, gay marriage.

Rather than adding a new discussion on this topic, I thought this video was appropriate for this one.  Hilarious comeback for a conservative dickhead right wing "reporter" from whatever the fuck "CNS News" is.



Barney Frank ROCKS!

Barney wins, conservative dickhead loses, landslide victory.


This doesn't make gays join the military; it means gays who are in the military don't have to hide it. Personally if I were a homophobe I'd rather know who was gay so I could cover up my privates if they come into the shower...since gay people are obviously going to be uncontrollably aroused every time they're near anyone of the same sex.


Onion: "Repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell Paves the Way for Gay Sex Right on Battlefield, Opponents fantasize"...not too far off!



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