3 Education Board members take issue with social studies proposal (link)

Remember when the battles in the Board of Education were just over science? I miss those days.

Apparently the "expert" to give advice on Social Studies curriculum has nothing to do with curriculum and everything to do with being an Evangelical minister. Yep, ministers writing education policy. This cant' go anywhere bad could it?

First off, César Chávez isn't a good role model, therefore he should be scrubbed from the books. Oddly, they don't seem to have the same issue with Hitler and Stalin...make your own judgments on that one...

Some of the things that were "good" ideas of the minister:

-"...add a new standard "that describes the Judeo-Christian Bible influence on the founding documents" of the nation."

What the f*ck is a Judeo-Christian Bible?!? Did those religions merge when I wasn't looking? Additionally, what influence are they talking about? I don't see much Bible in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence (even though the latter is not a founding document). Perhaps they mean the Treaty of Tripoli...at least that mentions Christianity.

-"coverage in U.S. history of the Great Awakening, a period of heightened religious activity in the American colonies in the mid-1700s. Social conservatives say that period should be credited for unifying the colonies and helping them decide to seek independence from Great Britain."

Wait, social conservatives say it? Not the historical consensus? Oh, brilliant.

What got rejected in a moment of sanity? Focus on Roe vs. Wade as having "...more impact on American life than any other court decision." Additionally they will not change to Republican values from democratic values.


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David "Full of Shit" Barton


Buried on page 62 of phony history “expert” David Barton’s 87-page review of the social studies draft curriculum standards is a short section calling for the following revision to the eighth-grade American History requirements:

(C) analyze reasons for and the impact of selected examples of civil disobedience in U.S. history such as the Boston Tea Party, Shay’s Rebellion, Henry David Thoreau’s refusal to pay a tax, the Underground Railroad, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and Rosa Parks at the lunch counter. (Emphasis added.)

Ah, yes. Every child should hear the archetypal story of American civil disobedience — an exhausted Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat and move the back of the bus lunch counter.

Amateur Historian, Professional Propagandist

I'd act surprised, but I'm not. People this far right-wing on the social conservative agenda rarely care about civil rights at all, especially black civil rights. Why should they get the story straight?
"...add a new standard "that describes the Judeo-Christian Bible influence on the founding documents" of the nation."

Truth be told, the influence the Bible had on the founders is that they thought Christianity and organized religion in general were perverse and corrupt. Let's build a government that, for once in human history, isn't based on religion. Hell, let's make Religious Freedom the very first sentence of the thing.

Ok Mr. Minister, I'll be happy to teach that to our kids.
Except I still really want to know what a Judeo-Christian Bible is...
"Judeo-Christian" is a term used to remind folks - often anti-Semitic Christians - that their bible isn't exclusively Christian. That like it or not, Christianity is simply Judaism's sociopathic, dysfunctional child.

And if you think some Xians don't like being reminded of their Jewish roots, I really love reminding them that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all kissin' cousins.
I know what the term Judeo-Christian is...the problem is that the construct it represents does not have a Bible. I guess my sarcasm skills need some work =P
[sarcasm]sarcasm goes here[/sarcasm] :)
Maybe my sarcasm skills need work too ... like over-explaining something by defining it as "A term used to remind Xians of the truth and make them feel icky about it."





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