The "God is" billboard that replaced the atheist one in NJ has been vandalized

I would have thought a nihilist wouldn't care enough to vandalize anything.


Last December, an American Atheist billboard outside the NY/NJ Lincoln Tunnel made headlines with a message implying that the Christmas story was a myth. When it came down, it was replaced by the Manhattan-based Times Square Church billboard with the theme "God is..." and that was news too. Now there's more news about this billboard and it's not the kind I'm happy to report on.

Sometime over the weekend someone vandalized the church's billboard. The original message was "God is..." in bold letters together with a variety of sentence endings in lighter print such as "good", "alive", "Jesus", etc. But some anonymous vandal has spray-painted on another ending: "dead."


More here.


"God is Dead"



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kinda  a cheap way to impinge on someone's right of free
Wait, what the hell?  He's going to picket the 9 year-old's funeral?

I wish it were only happening to Atheist billboards and not theist ones.


Hopefully, we are guided by reason not emotion. Reasonably, having "DEAD" on that billboard has the impact of making us look like the bad guys. If we are stereotyped as such it will be all the more difficult to have the populous entertain our positions. Instead the populous will tend to shy away from us for fear of being labeled sociopathic. Let's be smart enough to let the child molesting priests be the bad guys and have our positions received.


We should speak against this type of vandalism and mention that Atheists might not have done it.

There was a good discussion about the "right of free speech" in the case of a Swedish artist whose depiction of Muslims got him a death fatwah.  If atheists are not consistent about the right of free speech then we'll sound just as irrational as the theists.
EXACTLY!! even though i kinda like it at the same time it drags our name through the sand regardless of who actually did it because to them it HAD to be us. :/ bitter sweet lol
Why can't people just move past childish vandalism...
Oh, how very cool.
"Nietzsche has risen from the grave to deface billboards! It's a miracle! All praise Nietzsche!" - Pope Stephan I, United Church of Nietzsche



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