You've probably heard of the atheist bus campaign. By now, banners proclaiming things like "There's probably no God - So stop worrying and enjoy your life" have appeared on buses in cities all over the world.


Sometimes though, atheists and humanists have had trouble getting their campaigns started. Bus companies are often afraid of controversy or just don't like the message. The Humanist Society of Santa Barbara seems to be having this kind of trouble with their local Metropolitan Transit District.


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As I understand it, my own city (Vancouver, Canada) rejected the ads for our Translink buses, I believe this was last year.. the Atheist Bus Campaign is now I think nearly dead in Canada, with last postings and updated info on the website only as recent as the end of 2009. I haven't heard much of them here, but I hear a lot about the stuff in Europe.

Such a shame we can't get it to fly here. We're Canada for crying out loud, we should be more like Europe than America on even the worst of days :P
Clearly the secular community was not granted parity regarding the matter. I think the lack of serious treatment points a need for the secular community to become more organized.



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