The New South Wales police force in Australia has been issued with bibles.

Sorry about the duplication with the Aussie group. I just didn't think that many of the news hounds would be members over there.

"The Bible Society of NSW has provided 2400 of the good books, which are being distributed among the force's 107 chaplains for use in the course of their duties including pastoral care of officers.

The NSW Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione, who is a committed Christian, accepted the Bibles at a ceremony at police headquarters two weeks ago."

A publicly funded police force in a secular society has no place being guided by any biblical material. Why the hell is there 107 chaplains in the first place? Believe in and talk to triune creator zombies on you day off, not at work... and people get the sack for sending personal emails. WTF!?

Link to SMH story via Bris Times

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Going through my pics:

I doubt this will seriously affect the police's efficiency. I'd have been more concerned if they'd supplied them with porn magazines.


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