npr and other sources.  Sweden has certified Kopimism as as a bona fide religion, with its own rituals.  The rituals are basically internet piracy.  The only tenant and only ritual  of Kopimism is file sharing.  Well, if Jedi is a religion, why not?  The sillier religions become, the less credibility all of them have.

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I'm pretty sure my kids practice the Kopimistic sacrament on a regular basis.  

At least it's not the blood and flesh of Jesus!

"The sillier religions become, the less credibility all of them have."    Good point Sentient Biped.  I wonder if this could actually lead to a tipping point of rational thinking?  Too much to hope for? 

Not too much to hope for but probably too much to really think will happen!

Actually from what I read, it is more the belief that all knowledge is sacred, to be given away. Sounds like the concept of Daan in the Dharmic religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jain, etc. I believe it was Mohammed that also said that knowledge was the right of all men, to be taken (copied) and given to all. Since men wrote these texts, and not a higher power, this seems to arise from men, as in this case, a 19 y.o.Swedish student. Nothing new under the sun. Namaste and Shalom. 

A while back I heard of a religion called Coprolytics and like most religions it's based on a lot of old shit.




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