So atheists win by default? ='D

UPDATE: The rapture is schedualed to begin "On Sunday, September 20th 2009, between 11:00 am – 6:00 Pm"

.... wait. It's 6:36pm where I am. IT HAS BEGUN! I THINK?

Discount that - I fail at life. The site gives two times. Here's the other one: "IN SUMMARY, I believe that The Rapture will take place at 12am Tuesday (midnight) September 22, 2009." (Jerusalem Time)

My guess is that this one is more "accurate"? I don't know much about time zones, but I think it should start sometime Monday afternoon for everybody here in the USA. Not sure about you Brits and Aussies.

NEW UPDATE: We have time zones! Everybody put on your pirate hats and get ready to plunder!


10PM Greenwich

7AM Sydney

Thanks to Jack Chow for the time conversions. =D

NEW NEW UPDATE! The site now states: "IN SUMMARY, if The Rapture takes place on Rosh Hashanah 2009, then The Rapture will take place on or before (sunset) September 23, 2009 (Jerusalem Time), and after The Last Trump of Rosh Hashanah is blown!"

This is the same sentence I quoted earlier. It's obviously been edited.

NEW NEW UPDATE: "If The Rapture takes place this year--This would put the Rapture date no later than sundown -(Jerusalem Time): October 18th 2009!"

I guess Jesus saw his shadow and went back in the ground.

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I have a project for work due the 28th. I guess I won't have to worry about it now.
It would be nice if they'd make up their frigging minds.

I need to know when to begin my pet rescues. Sheesh.

Eternal Earth Bound Pets
hey, have you had any hits on that yet?
It's not my site. lol. I just love promoting it whenever anyone brings this topic up :-).

So, I have no idea.

I'm sure there are lots of hits but whether fundies are actually subscribing I couldn't tell you.
I just love promoting it whenever anyone brings this topic up

Well, promote the original then -


and not the shameless copy which is essentially a cheap attempt at self-promoting viral spam.
I've seen this one too. There are a few around. I didn't know it was the original though haha. It's getting popular :-).
Love it!
If all these lunatic Christians are "taken up" tomorrow, won't that be just like a little heaven right here on earth for the rest of us?

They didn't happen to give a time, did they? That would be really helpful.

(I looked at the site...somehow, I feel all dirty now)
If only. Now maybe I'll pray for the rapture. But to whom?
The Flying Spaghetti Monster! May It rain great meatballs of fire from the sky!
BTW, look at the world famous site www.timecube.com

Looks awfully familiar....
I was just thinking that.




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