Fundamentalist wants the whole world to look and act like them - Fundamentalism, whether Christian or Muslim, is against freedom. Libertarianism, however, is for freedom for all, including fundamentalists.

For me, Ron Paul's message of liberty and limited government SHOULD serve as a rally cry for everyone. Unfortunately, freedom is NOT the primary goal for a lot of people. For example: Evangelicals don't CARE how much debt we saddle future generations with - the world is going to end any minute anyway!

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The problem is that Ron Paul wants to take government out of everyone's lives, economically, and shove it right up women's vaginas.  His 'states rights' bullshit will have abortion illegal in well over half of the country, will reinstate the anti-sodomy laws, and shove religion back into public schools.

But businesses will be free to discriminate and harrass.

Not certain what you're getting at.


The constitution dictates the protection of individual rights. The Federal government has the right and the authority to protect rights; thus, it has the right and the authority to prevent discrimination (for example). However, the Federal government does NOT have the right or the authority to dictate how an individual's property is to be disposed of, which is what health care mandates do.

Which is why Paul said that the Federal Government should not protect women from harassment.

Where in the world did you get such off the wall ideas?  "'states rights' bullshit"? Have you not READ the Constitution?

That is the same blinkered view that claims Paul is a homophobe. But Paul's faith in the Constitution means that the Federal Government has NO place in the bedroom. While most 'social conservative Republicans' favor a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, Paul wants to leave it up to the states. And what is happening at the state level? State after state is making it explicitly legal (Hawaii just legalized domestic unions, a first step). Paul's support of the constitution will put the power to legalize same-sex marriage more within the reach of the citizenry. The same for women's rights.

If an evangelical candidate wins the White House, watch the Radical Right try to force these things down everyone's throat from the Federal level. States Rights is our best chance to defend individual rights.

What's more, if the evangelical's gain the White House, we will see atheism be made illegal. If Obama stays in, the US will go the way of Greece. Paul is our best bet!

What does gay marriage have to do with a woman's vagina?

Exactly (minus the vagina thing). In the absence of a government that represents and protects a secular and diverse society, the rich and the bigoted replace the responsible and the democratic. Libertarianism may sound fine, superficially, but, in practical terms, we either hang together or surely we will all hang separately.

Ron Paul's We the People Act would give the states free reign to establish religion, ban abortion and contraceptives, enact (or reinstate) sodomy laws, and do whatever the hell they want to do. We have a longstanding tradition that most of freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights belong to all citizens and that they are protected from federal, state, and local governments. Ron Paul wants to change that. Paul is not a libertarian, he's just anti-federalist. 




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