Theology Professor says "humans are ready to share a pew with aliens"

Theologian says humans are ready to share their faith with aliens

I came up with three different opening comments for this and you're all gonna hear them:

1. Great, Christians aren't satisfied with trying to force conversion on just humans.

2. And it all starts with the first missionary trip to Mars.

3. Apparently, "Klaatu Baraada Niktu" is Klingon for "In God we trust".


UPDATE: I just thought of another one.

"ET want to talk to you about Jesus Christ".


UPDATE: "Like" this discussion if you think I should share it with teh Atheist Humor group.

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Can't be the Catholics. They've already stated somewhere (I forgot where though) that Christ's sacrifice was for this world only. Others need their own sacrificed saviors.
The aliens just won't grok it.
OK -- I guess he doesn't believe in the Prime Directive.
five bucks says that if they do succeed in converting beings from other planets, Genesis is gonna say that THEY were created in God's image too.  If that's so, God must be divided right down the middle, like that Batman villain Two-Face.
I guess it depends on whether the aliens are legal or illegal.

Now abductees can expect, "I'm here to probe your bottom and talk to you about Jesus."

Are aliens catholic priests?
Shhh...  it's a secret.
Too bad the Colbert Report is off this week.  I'd have loved to see Stephen Colbert's take on this article.
Maybe he'll discuss it when he comes back.

Aren't Jehovah's Witnesses annoying enough when they're just humans?




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