Theory of Relativity is a liberal conspiracy to make you stop reading the bible

If only I were making this up.

Andy Schlafly, son of famed self-loathing-for-having-been-born-with-a-vagina conservative fundie Phyllis Schlafly, founded "Conservapedia;" aimed at correcting all the liberal bias in reality. Including such pinko-commie-liberal writings as the holy bible, which they are re-writing to get rid of the liberal bias. Seriously, I'm not making that one up either. But I digress.

Among the liberal evils Schlafly is seeking to rid his little corner of the world of; Einstein's theory of relativity. Which is totally anti-bible and according to him, if you learn about and believe the theory, it automatically makes you not believe in the bible. 

I facepalmed so hard I knocked myself unconscious for a while. Then came to just long enough to post this. 

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