Well, I was wondering how long this standoff was going to last, and now we have the answer.

The Hamas claim responsibility for firing rockets at Israel again and Israel has retaliated in its normal fashion by shooting even more back.


It is really hard to find a non-biased account of these reports, if anyone has found a nice one, please share it.

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It's really about their supposed "promised land" bull anyway so I for one say let 'em kill each other and let their deity sort 'em out.

And what an utter lack of faith both sides are showing. If there is indeed one true deity who gives a rats ass who gets the land, wouldn't he come booming out of the sky and say "The land is yours!!!" while smiting the others?

So since this hasn't happened, isn't it logical to conclude that your deity doesn't give a rat's ass, or dare I say it, doesn't exist?
Well he supposedly did do just that in biblical times. God has just gotten lazy lately. Or maybe he just likes watching the fun the way some people watch soccer matches.
There is nothing on Al Jazeera. Probably a non-event on a slow news day making something out of nothing.
There are, you just have to look at the time in which I posted the articles:

There are several others following that one.
Ta. I didn't dig. But I did assume if it was anything of note, it would not be buried in the back pages.
Well it was like 2 months ago.
OK - that clarifies it. It was assuming it was "news" as in now.
Fact: Since recoded time people have killed other people.
Reasonable Assumption: While people exist some will kill others.

Real reason for this post. Pet peeve. Using ambiguous terms like left and right. It skips huge swaths of important data to analyze a situation. What is left in one place at one time can be considered right in another.

I think - two socialist groups kill each others members- would be less irritating.



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