Last tuesday one of the tv stations in finland aired a discussion about same-sex marriage, which included someone from the church criticizing same-sex marriage and adoption rights for gays.
This led to the massive number of Finns, the overal number today has grown over 10 000 according the latest news, resigning from the church after the show.

Here's a link for the article.

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Wow, I didn't know there were still churches in Finland. I'm disappointed in the Finns. I expect Europe and West Asia to lead us and me a model for us to follow.
Umm, what exactly are you defining as West Asia? I'm seeing Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran ...

I hope we're not going to follow their example.
Finland has a state church.
Well, Finland doesn't fit very well with any regional descriptor, does it? I once referred to Finland as part of Scandinavia and a guy from Finland was in the room and bot did he tell me otherwise.
Sure, Finland is part of Europe. Simple. Heck, a huge chunk of western Russia is in Europe, so Finland obviously is, too. It's nowhere near Asia.

I'm not sure about Scandinavia. That might just be Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

Ah, there we go:

Look at the map right below 'Terminology and usage'.
At least some people have the balls to stand up to the church. Elsewhere in the world, the Catholic church is found doing terrible things, and people still want to be "loyal" to the church.
To be fair, the people leaving were probably already atheist but I think everyone is considered a member of the church.

So, now that they have a clear and easy out, and they are getting annoyed with the church, they are taking the out.
Warning to sensitive people: Bad pun alert!

So they told the Church they were Finnish with it?"
i couldn't find any articles in english so here's a link to the crappy google translation of the latest news article

And some statics from the
Number of people resigned this month.

Heh, holy crap. What are the numbers going to be, by the end of the month?
I forgot to mention that the statics picture updates itself daily.
Ah, yeah, I can see how it would. Sweet. I'll have to bookmark that.

Wow, nice spike, yesterday and today. That's just ... holy crap, what a snowball effect!

... and you thought 10,000 total was impressive, Brendan. We hit well over half that in one day, today.

Is there some group over there egging it on with a publicity campaign, Mika?



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