LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Home-school mom Susan Mule wishes she hadn't taken a friend's advice and tried a textbook from a popular Christian publisher for her 10-year-old's biology lessons.

Mule's precocious daughter Elizabeth excels at science and has been studying tarantulas since she was 5. But she watched Elizabeth's excitement turn to confusion when they reached the evolution section of the book from Apologia Educational Ministries, which disputed Charles Darwin's theory.


I first heard about this story through my local atheist meetup group, and one of our members posted the following comments, which I found interesting enough to share here:

The numbers in this article are also skewed.

83% say they homeschool for religious or moral reasons. That would include me, who thinks moral reasons are a part of homeschooling.

What the article doesn't say is that the survey allowed multiple reasons to be checked off, so academics, moral or religious, special needs...all could have been checked by the same person, without particular weight given to any.

The only source they are quoting is HSLDA, which is a fundie org that is known for their scare tactics and outright stretching of truth. Their base is very religious, so a survey of them is limited in scope.

I know many homeschoolers who are not religious, and I also know many public school kids who graduate knowing that there may be a "thing where animals morph into other animals"* but with no real understanding of evolution.

And I have been able to find abundant resources for teaching science, just not from text book publishers, who are generally boring and limited in scope no matter if they are secular or religious :)

*that is a direct quote from a public high schooler I met.

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Sounds like my biology textbook, where I learned that "evolutionists date the fossils by referring to the rocks and date the rocks by referring to the fossils" - complete with a little cartoon character that said "Sounds like circular reasoning to me!" All that I learned about evolution at homeschool were creationist arguments against it.
I feel - pardon the expression - blessed every day that I went to a progressive private school for grades 1-6. I honestly don't remember much of any science I learned in public school after that. It all felt like rehash of what I already knew either from the private school or my own self-study.

Thanks Mom and Dad!
I still am shocked at just how ignorant these so called "scientists" that refute evolution can be. They have to be paid off. They just have to be. Right?
Religiously-motivated homeschooling: a real case of the sins of the fathers (and mothers) being transmitted to the sons (and daughters).

As a parent homeschooling his son in the south, finding a group and resources that are not insane can be a challenge.




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