This is another honour killing story, but this time it's the mothers rather than the fathers doing the killing. The daughters were killed by their widowed mothers because they had eloped with hindu men. Sadly, they chose to return home after their marriages to make peace with their families, and thus met their fate.

One of the mothers is reported as saying, "We killed them because they brought shame to our community. How could they elope with Hindus? They deserved to die. We have no remorse".


Apparently, earlier this week India's Supreme Court recommended the death penalty for honour killings, which it described as "barbaric and feudal". 


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For fuck sake ...

I'm normally completely against the death penalty.  In this case, I approve.

Me too.
Me three... actually a better use of their pathetic existence is as human (I am ashamed) lab rats to further science.
Especially since in many places honor killers are given a slap on the wrist compared to other murders.
I'm still against the death penalty.  Even for this scum.  That's too easy of an out.
Yes slavery or use as human guinea pigs is a much better penalty. Oh and add gladiator hockey (hockey, extra murderous) to that list - an especially good idea for Emperor Harper, he doesn't have to build as many prisons, and can even entertain the populace into absolute apathy.

I'm hoping for sarcasm...

L0L, I'm almost serious about the first sentence (especially in the case of serial murders), the second sentence was pretty much just for laughs.

Honour killings are quite  common in northern India.i am from southern india. Here the parents select the brides and grooms.A girl can choose her carrier but not her husband.
What, like Sprint?  Verizon?
dont be pissant about spelling when the gist is obvious.
How is that piss ant about spelling?




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