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Now if you want a list on exactly how the funds of this are used, just go to the NoGodBlog on the American Atheists home page.  That's where I got these links.  Now, I'd like to stress that while this horrifying practice was started by the Republicans, President Obama should've ultimately known about this and obviously did nothing to stop it.

Now, I like him, or at least I did.  He has formally acknowledged us as citizens of the United States of America.  But how could he truly have done this and yet allowed this practice to continue?

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What really scares me is that I had enlisted in the military in high school and was rejected because I take medications on a daily basis.  Had I been accepted, I would've been subjected to these horrible practices.  I hope we can somehow bring national attention to this story somehow.

Obama has shown himself to be a hypocritical piece of shit when it comes to his handling (or lack there of) of things like this, gay rights, and the unconstitutional and Geneva Convention violating handling of detainees at Gitmo. 

I was there was a good alternative for the 2012 election, but unfortunately I think that Obama will probably be the best choice. 

I used to practically worship the guy.  Now, I'll vote for him, but only because he's the lesser of two evils.




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