Ultimatum to Beverly Hills Hotel owner, the Sultan of Brunei, from L.A. lawmakers (CBS News)

LOS ANGELES -- The Beverly Hills City Council sent a strong message Tuesday night to the owner of the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel.

In a 5-0 vote, council members approved a resolution compelling the Sultan of Brunei to either sell the hotel or denounce an Islamic law imposed in Brunei last month that calls for punishing adultery, abortions and same-sex relationships with flogging and stoning.

CBS Los Angeles reports that more than 100 Beverly Hills Hotel employees, many wearing white dinner jackets, pink housekeeping uniforms and chefs hats, stood together while voicing concerns about the resolution.

"We are being evicted for what is going on right now," one employee said while addressing council members.

Although Mayor Lili Bosse stopped short of calling for a city-sanctioned boycott, she urged the city council to adopt the resolution, calling on the Brunei government to change its laws or divest itself of the Beverly Hills Hotel.

"The laws are shocking, inhumane and must be met with a strong statement of support for human rights," Bosse said.

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I caught this little tidbit on the CBS News website this morning, and I find it interesting for a number of reasons.  Among them:

  • That Brunei is now implementing such draconian laws in what to my knowledge has been up until now a fairly progressive country (though I may be mistaken in that recollection)
  • The coincidence with the Supreme Court case regarding Hobby Lobby and its "right" to superimpose its religious beliefs on its employees.
  • That the city council of Beverly Hills would be willing to so boldly throw down the gauntlet at Brunei, considering all the potential repercussions, particularly potential claims of "islamophobia."

This story didn't make it to Scott Pelley's desk last night, though I wish it had.  I think the growth of fundamentalism in the islamic world needs to be made far more public than it is currently.  People need to understand what's going on, not just in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan, as regards treatment of women and shariah as practiced there in general, but also in the countries of the Arabian Peninsula and the islamic states of southeast Asia.  I think this also relates to the piece which MB posted about living as an atheist in an islamic society, as well as making me wonder what Brunei has to say about atheists.

It also makes me wonder if anyone is listening, other than people like us.

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Pat Condell

Pat Condell and others had something to say about "islamophobia" anyone that has such laws such as Islamic countries should not be surprised that they be intensely disliked by sensible people being that they are anti our social values and such disrespect for other peoples lifestyles views and for basic morality. I applaud the city council on their actions. Islamophobia is just a silly scare word and should be treated as such.

I am in complete agreement with Pat Condell and his attitudes regarding islam and islamophobia.  As for those who would superimpose shariah onto their citizens and might get upset at the protests they're getting in the US to such actions, my response is simple: TOUGH!

I have transcripts of Pat Condell's videos, going back a few years. ALL his videos are accessible from the same menu. I transcribe Pat's videos within 24 hours of their release, so if you ever want a Pat transcript, check out:


I tend to agree with the City Council's message to the Sultan. "Blow it out your ass!" 

My only concern is for the employees who work at this hotel. I can see someone who has put in decades of loyal service, and the verge of retirement, suddenly being faced with unemployment. Some provision needs to be made for them. 

In that regard, I would make sure that any transfer of ownership had a null or absolutely minimal impact on the staff.  Just because the owner is a dick doesn't mean that the people who actually make the hotel RUN should have to pay for his being a dick.

Another thing that floored me was the comment in one of the videos associated with this piece.

Christopher Cowdray of the Dorchester Collection was interviewed as a part of the story.  He claimed to have no opinion whatsoever about the newly passed laws in Brunei and stated that he felt unfairly picked on because of the protests.  The fact that he sucks from the Brunei tit of course has NOTHING at all to do with that position.

How that toady can live with himself, I have no idea.

Loren your last sentence touched a cord. I dont think its on the radar screen of most people. I could not place Brunei on a map until I looked it up. Its like hsving luxenberg do something. i doubt the major newscasters care - no ratings on what draconian laws pass in an islamic midieval oil rich kingtom.

i imagine the sultan's hotel chain will go under. He's probably too stubborn snd mscho to give in. Once the word is out, I hope people will quit going there

On airplanes we can't get peanuts anymore because a few people have severe allergies to them and might get hurt. In certain Islamic countries, because of laws that are derived from a not too bright desert dweller long ago that had some alleged mystical experiences which sounded more like he was high on something. He wrote a book that is violent and intolerant in nature in many ways. This book, the basis of laws that persecute and outright kill many for being different is okay with people that support bigotry and inhumanity to people that do them no harm. Those peanuts need to be retired and send back to the bronze age where they belong, not left in modern society.

just a picture of this modest place

"Modest?!?"  And what have YOU been smoking lately, Warren???  [grin!]




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