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Strikes me as a bad decision, especially since the muslims only want it so that they can continue their crimes against women, homos, and well, basically the whole damn world, without being critized. Or so they hope. I am bothered too by the fact that the resolution only mentioned Islam.
Too many countries are so dominated by Islam that United Nations members have no choice but to appease them or risk becoming another Afghanistan.
On the other hand, the US refused to support the UN resolution protecting gays... gays who are executed in some Muslim countries. A bit schizophrenic.

I agree with Uomo that this is bullshit. I can't think of a better term.
I just watched a news broadcast wear two 13 year old girls were going to school in Afghanistan. For there trouble two men "the evil ones" as the girls put it drove by on a motorcycle and threw acid on them. I guess under the approved "Defamation of Religion" resolution that would be ok. You know the girls were going to SCHOOL!




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