Unpaid water bill threatens to close world famous Christian holy site

Hint: famous Youtube atheist Truthsurge has an unfinished documentary series whose title references the site

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Glad to hear it.

Why do they revere his supposed burial site?  If their dogma is correct, he's ... not ... there.

And even though their dogma isn't correct, he's still not there.  The people who revere this supposed tomb are thinking with their bibles rather than their brains and the people who believe that it's their duty as Christians to take pilgramages to see it are even dumber.  My neighbor went to see it because he thought that as a Christian he should.  But I pointed out to him that there was very little thinking involved.  I said to him, "You just spent thousands of dollars to go to a war zone in the middle of a region that is very anti-American, just to see an empty hole."  His head's even emptier than that tomb.

They should close it down and open a Walmart.

I'd prefer Kmart.




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