Stolen shamelessly from the Cynical-C Blog, here is a clip of the "book burning" that took place.

Apparently the law got in the way of their righteous rage over the word of Satan. Now what kind of Christians let the law get in their way? Tsk, Tsk.

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Did I see right that it rained? Didn't they see this as a sign?
Yeah, it rained. But according to the local paper, they were warned by the authorities that they could not burn books or they would be breaking the law, and would get fined. Wimps- if they really believed they were doing God's work, couldn't they have grown some balls and just done it anyway? That's what gasoline is for! I mean, "F--- the Man, y'all are goin' ta hell for readin' the wrong book!" or something. And wouldn't getting a big fine been just the opportunity they were wanting? I smell a lawsuit for infringement of their religious rights. But no. What a letdown. Jerks!
Ha Ha. These guys really know how to have fun.
These idiots must not know how to use Google... A simple search of the terms fire during rain yielded this as the second result.
That's probably a tool of Satan as well.
They can only use King James Google...
These freakin people could be my neighbors- this church is only about 15 miles from my house. God, I am so ashamed to live in this county. What a bunch of dweebs!



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