Maher's tweet about Tebow causes anger.

Why is everyone so surprised?  It was only a matter of time before Maher said something about Tebow, everyone should've known that.

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They need thicker skin.  Seriously, it only is logical that if God helps them win that God would make them lose.

Let me start by saying that Maher's sarcasm might be the result of years of abusive religious bullies rhetorically shoving irrational lies into the face of the public.  Second our tax dollars are being greedily handed over to the top one percent to feed the likes of violent contact sports like football.  Finally, continuous advertisement of a football star by the mass media who takes his interest because he is an evangelic only demonstrates the continued abuse of power by the masses.

Tebow was tiresome enough with the biblical verses on his under-eye patches.  This christianity-on-his-sleeve thing just takes that irritation to the next level, never mind the whole "Tebowing" trip which has caught on lately.

At the risk of sounding like I want to see him hurt (ohhhh, don't tempt me!), some time or other, he's going to either get his bell rung trying to scramble or get dealt some other equally problematic injury, whereupon I will want to hear ALL ABOUT how his god and Hay-sus take SUCH good care of him.

Yeah, right, tell me another one...

It would be enough for me if he would just leave the limelight.  I think we should create free healthcare for everyone before we create more millionaires.

Go Bill, go!

Go Bill! {{{ }}}

Joke 'em if they can't take a f^(@!




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