A gay pre-med student from Arkansas has been "forced" into therapy to cure him of homosexuality.

According to his friends, Bryce Faulkner, 23, was preparing to come out to deeply religious family when his mother discovered emails to his boyfriend, who lives in Wisconsin. [More...]

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I'm 62. It seemed to me through much of my life that the world was progressing. My impression was that things were pretty much in their place. When J.F. K was running for office there was a lot of worry that he'd make decisions based on the Catholic church and would do what the pope told him to do and so forth. What a joke that seems now! Flash forward to the Bush era. It seems that the country and the world are getting dumber and weirder by the moment. It's like 90 per cent of humans are headed over a cliff as fast as they can go.
Beyond ex-gay is an interesting looking site.

I feel very sorry for this poor youngman. I can't imagine the confusion he is feeling, seperated from his lover, umungst people who hate him, put there by parents who are supposed to love unconditionally. Just horrible. And his poor lover! How distraught he must be unable to contact his boyfriend. It's really sad.

Yet again, with monotinous regularity, this is christianity at it's most petty and hateful. What can we do about this? We all agree it sucks but what can we do?
"depression, confusion, isolation, and a damaged sense of self"

Hey, hey ex-gay therapy people! Roman Catholicism has that market cornered get off there turff before the Pope breaks out his Pimp hat and puts the smack down.
This is so very, very sad. I am disgusted at this young man's parents. I wish there was a way to help.
How can they do this without his consent? Hes 23 years old? all I can say is WTF?
He did have a choice. They took away everything he owned, all his cash and told him he either is cast out of the family forever or go through this program for 14 months. So that was his "choice".
Too bad he did not have more self esteem. He saw himself as homeless and with no hope.
If he'd not been raised by fundy parents, he may not have such a bleak outlook on his life.
He's a pre-med student, for pity sake!
Religion f*ckers up everything! Make no mistake, this man is in danger.



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