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This is not really a big deal in my opinion. It probably a very good experience have a weak without electronics. Religion may make you do unnecessary, sometimes harmful things, but I wouldn't mind a day without work to contemplate and be thankful. I always been sympathetic to the idea of walking places instead of using a car and things like that. The only confusing thing is how Judaism has found electronics to have anything to do with the Law and work.
True, people should at least know how to function without electricity, so they're not shit out of luck if electricity is not available.
Try living in South Texas and say that.
If that has to do with air conditioning, I don't use it and I never have.
Where have you lived all your life?  The reason I ask is because it's standard for the region to break 100 F for several weeks straight.

Philadelphia can be in the upper 90s and low 100s. Also a brick house. I've known people from tropical regions to complain about the heat. I just get in the shower and then under a fan. I understand the desire for air conditioning, I just don't want to get where I can't stand going outside.


How stupid. If she can't use electricity, having a pre-recorded speech played in her place sounds to me very much like using electricity. I wouldn't think it makes any difference who throws the switch.
I'm with you, Sandy.  And Eric, you are free to go without electricity anytime.  This is a big deal to me because this girl has been adversely affected by it.  The very idea that people can be brainwashed into such nonsense and then suffer from it will always be a big deal to me.
I totally agree.  And this newsy "feel good" story is supposed to make us respect this young, intelligent girl even more for adhering to ridiculous religious doctrine.  I'm embarrased for her, I really am....having to stand silently in front of that crowd while her prerecorded valedictorian speech is played over the P.A.  (AWK....WARD!!)

It also reminds me of "diversity" stories of Muslim girls who designed sports clothes that still let them be modest. Yay, let's be happy the figured out a way to accommodate a pointless tradition while still participating with the rest of the world.


Also, does a megaphone use electricity?

Depends upon the type of megaphone.  The type that will allow her to be heard by the entire audience do.  The basic cone type only focuses the sound.  It would allow a portion of the audience to hear her at the expense of everyone outside the cone's projection area.

That's what i thought to.  I thought they were going to have her use one of those cone-shaped old megaphones that don't use electricity.  Not that it would work very well.


It shows the twisted thought processes that some people go through to meet their religious requirments and still live in modern society.  So, it's "work" to ride in a car, but it's not "work" to walk the same distance?  And it's "work" to speak into a microphone, but not "work" to speak without a microphone, and then play a pre-recorded speech? 


Im gald her fellow students will get to see how stupid religion is.  "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when religious hypocracy we believe"




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