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She could get an old-timey opera singer to relate her speech!

Great idear!


Apparently God can't tell when you pull a fast one.
There's an entire industry that allows Jews to cheat their way through their Sabbaths. For example, they have phones where pressing they key actually breaks the circuit rather than starts it which still dials it, there are Jews who will turn the TV on Friday afternoon and just close the cabinet it's in, there are even elevators that are somehow kosher. The story doesn't mention what Jewish sect she's part of or what holiday it is, but I don't see the difference between her prerecorded voice being played over the PA and her speaking through a microphone.

Talk about twisted logic.
Yeah. I remember "passover cake". WTF! If you want to be a martyr and give up bread or whatever else, then just do it all the way! You can still have macaroons.
Wondering what I would say to this young woman.  In some sense I admire her. . .and feel sad she's been taught that "God" cares about electricity over humanity.  But I remember the feeling that faith trumps everything else, no matter what.  A part of me respects the school for coming up with the compromise, but if I was the principal I might just say, sorry but maybe another student should be the speaker if you are too pure for our sinful world.  How will she handle the "real world?"  Not sure what I would do or say. But I would want the students to talk openly about it, without fear of being called names.




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