According to Danish TV, the government of Malaysia has declared Valentine's Day "unsuitable" for Muslims and will be carrying out checks on hotels to make sure that no unmarried couples have rented a room in order to do a bit of what comes naturally.

"That love, sweet love, was thought a crime!" (William Blake)

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Saudi Arabia and Iran ban Valentine's Day. Some Hindu extremists are trying to get it banned in India as well.
Didn't they try this last year?

Can we get it banned here too?

It's like an extortion racket run by the jewelry, flower and card businesses.

I wish there was a "like" button on here.

Do you need to ban everything you don't like? You could just not take part in it.


I don't really like V-day either but a ban is worse. Much like banning religion.

I agree with the point about commercial exploitation. In the novel "The Vicar of Wakefield" from 17?? young people are described as making Valentines for their nearest and dearest so the idea/tradition has a long history.
Does that mean they don't check the other 363 days?
In Saudi Arabia and Iran they do.

Another state, this one a Christian one in the former Soviet Union, has banned Valentine's Day too.

Extremists seem to think it explicitly promotes adultery. All I have to say is they have too much time on their hands. Most people I know who don't like this commercial Hallmark holiday just don't take part in it.






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