Vassar College Students Raise Thousands In Response To Westboro Protest Threat (HuffPost)

Responding to a notice from the Westboro Baptist Church that it intends to protest on the Vassar College campus, the school community has pledged to raise $100 for every minute the group plans to protest, according to a fundraising page set up by a Vasser alumnus. The effort has, however, exceeded expectations, as students have raised more than 482 percent of that total with weeks before the protest's scheduled date.

Word of the notorious group's intention to visit the school traveled quickly across social media after a notice was posted on its website announcing the protest. Mere hours later, Vassar students were contributing to a account to raise money for the Trevor Project, an organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBT youth. At the time this post was published, $23,104 had been raised, largely through donations between $5 and $25. [Keep an eye on the fundraising total here]

Students also took to Twitter to encourage others to contribute to the anti-protest. Messages repeatedly said they were proud that their college could attract -- and possibly confront -- the anti-gay group.

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This. Is. Brilliant!  The students, faculty and citizens around Vassar College have come up with what may be the perfect means not just to counter the actions of Fred Phelps & Co, but to actively counter their efforts in an inventive and effective coup fourre.  The more the representatives of the Westboro Baptist Church attempt to protest, literally, The More They Strengthen Those They Protest Against!

If the symmetry were any more perfect, I should think that one of us would break into tears.
-- Ambassador G'kar of the Narn (Babylon 5)

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Loren, just checked the website, and it's already up to $72,600.00. What an absolutely brilliant idea!!!

Yeah, ain't it, though?  IN YO FACE, FREDDIE!

Margie, the Harpie from Hell, is the Lucretia Borgia behind the throne. Still, a fantastic response!

can we get something going in the areas that the islamic based haters chant there vile spew?

that would be great. and use the $$s to help those that want to escape from that death cult.

Sounds like a concept to me, Matt, and maybe one that our buds across the puddle in GB could use with those islamic nuts who want to institute shariah there.

$78239.00 so far. a report says..."$1000 per minute!"...

It's a wonderful concept, using the group's notoriety to raise $$$ to support the very cause WBC trolls hate so much.  Brilliant.

Laura Drain

Megan Phelps-Roper and her sister Grace

Also others.

Unfortunately, the Phelps and Ropers reproduce like a bad colitis organism.  For every one that leaves, more are born.

I wonder if we should thank the WBC spokestrolls for making antigay hate so vile and despicable that they've forwarded the cause of equality.    "Thanks, Phelps".  Not.

WOW Looks like the spell of bigotry breaks. I like the idea of help to those who want to escape from that death cult.




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