Vatican Corrects Pope - Says Atheists and Other non-Catholics Going to Hell

On May 22, 2013 Pope Francis held a Mass in which he said that even Atheists who do good could be saved. The infallible one was soon corrected by the Vatican to the point that Atheists and other non-Catholics can expect to go to hell whether they do good or not. Per the article:


The following day Vatican spokesman The Reverend Thomas Rosica, issued an  “explanatory note.” The Vatican corrected The Pope’s previous statements,  pointing out that atheists are still going to hell.  In the note, Rosica explained that those who “refuse to enter” the Catholic  Church “cannot be saved.” He clarified Pope Francis’ intention by pointing out  that anyone is capable of being saved, only if they choose to convert  to Catholicism. 

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Well, that was inevitable.  Question is: will Francis admit his supposed mistake, or will he stick to his guns?  I have to say, an intramural argument within the Vatican would be both amusing and instructive.  Besides, isn't it the pope that's supposed to be infallible on issues of doctrine?

Actually, it's only when the Pope speaks ex cathedra that it is considered infallible.  And most Popes never speak ex cathedra.  By the way, Francis' position is not new.  Catholic theologians have developed a theory about the anonymous Christian.  Those people who, in good conscience, cannot accept the faith can still be saved, so long as they live in accordance with the teachings of the Church.  There's something horribly presumptuous about the theory.  But Francis is merely saying something that many less dogmatic Catholics actually believe. 

Groovy ... so how many atheists actually "live in accordance with the teachings of the church?"  My offhand guess would be: "not bloody many ... if ANY."

Cenk Uygur at The Young Turks breaks this down in a great segment here:

Oops, Atheists Are Going to Hell After All!

Good ol' Cenk!  He points out what we've known from Letter A: that the catholics are fulla shit.  What this whole incident amounts to is a pissing contest between THE hotshot in a dress (Francis) and some OTHER hotshot in a dress (Rosica).  These guys and others like them are SO about Absolute Morality ... except when some issue like this comes along.

Now ... if they wanted us to sprain our eye muscles from ROLLING THEM, maybe they had an impact.  Otherwise, it's yet another case of SSDD (which means Same Stupidity, Different Dingbat!).




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