(March 9) -- Sexual abuse scandals mired the Catholic Church on Tuesday as inquiries in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands intensified and the Vatican digested allegations that the Mexican founder of one of the church's most favored sects sexually molested his illegitimate sons.

The new revelations come less than a month after Irish bishops were summoned to the Vatican to discuss decades of clerical sexual abuse in Ireland.

A delegation of German bishops is scheduled to meet with Pope Benedict XVI on Friday about the growing crisis in Germany,
where more than 170 students have claimed they were sexually abused at
several Catholic high schools.
Pope Benedict XVI, right, walks with his brother priest Georg Ratzinger
Diether Endlicher, AP

Pope Benedict XVI's brother, Georg Ratzinger, who led a prestigious German choir, told a Catholic newspaper he often slapped choirboys, but denied knowing about alleged sexual abuse within the
choir. Here, Pope Benedict, right, walks with his brother in Regensburg,

The most explosive claims center on a prestigious choir, the Regensburger Domspatzen, that was led for 30 years by Pope Benedict's brother, Georg Ratzinger. Several former
singers in the choir have come forward with claims that at least two
priests attached to the elementary boarding school allied to the choir
sexually abused and brutally mistreated their charges.

Remainder of article here.


Okay, so has anyone been keeping track here?  We've had the US, Ireland and now Germany.  We have priests indulging in severe corporal punishment and fathering multiple children, yet the sheeple-victims apparently still can't bring themselves to stir themselves awake from this nightmare, in one case a victim characterizing her molester as, and I quote: "a 'very flawed man' who nevertheless did "a lot of good."

WHAT "good?!?"  How can the accomplishment of any positive goal be justified by this manner of depravity?  Further, will there be any major country where the RC church is involved where sexual and behavioral misconduct is not discovered?

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Catholic priests get away with all kinds of things, but imagine if Bill Clinton had been accused of molesting children.

We should have figured this out sooner. The devil in in the Vatican. He doesn't no how right he is
Meantime, do you suppose Father Amorth has ever brought a video camera to an exorcism? I'd just LOVE to see some nails or pieces of glass come out of some poor victim's mouth. Better yet, have James Randi in attendance!

As for the "devil in the Vatican," I think what is there is far more pedestrian ... though no less dangerous.
I am embarrassed as to the number of typos in my post.
Don't worry about it, Susan ... I ain't gradin' this thing!




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