Vatican finds a crime worth punishing: coming to the party uninvited

Vatican excommunicates China bishop, criticizes Beijing

A Chinese bishop ordained without papal approval has been excommunicated from the Catholic Church, the Vatican said on Saturday, bringing relations between the Vatican and Beijing to a new low.

So THAT is what it takes to get kicked out of the Catholic PAC. Not raping children. Not asking to be removed from the rolls. Nope.  Gaining power without approval though? OH SH*T! Get that bastard out of here.

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Wow, their priorities are sure out of line.
We knew that when they classified women priests as being worse than child rape.

par for the course really.

I mean..what dedicated thug wants competition or uncertified volunteers?

they might mean well and do good and therefore just get in the way.

peaceful loving faith or just a gang of butt fucking thugs?




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