Vatican Report Due UN on Safeguarding Children 13 Years Overdue

Despite repeated requests for compliance by UN the Vatican has ignored an agreement to provide reports on its safeguarding of children's rights.  It with a number of other countries in 1989 agreed to supply such reports to the UN on a regular basis.  On schedule it filed the first report in 1995. However, the second, third and fourth are all overdue.  Despite repeated reminders by the UN that the reports shoiuld be filed the second is almost 13 years overdue.

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Well that isn't THAT bad for the Catholic PAC...I mean, Jesus is nearly 2000 years overdue for his return and you don't see them complaining yet.
You are supported completely by Mark 13:24 - 13:30 and Luke 21:25 - 21:32.
I didn't know the exact biblical passages, thanks!
Alas, I agree, hell the UN can't even get member nations to pay the membership fees. But, they can bicker and squabble almost everything, come up with ideas and never get them into practice. I think the G8 and the G20 are more effective... probably cost about as much.
The UN is weak but that doesn't excuse the church. If the church had appropriately filed the child protection reports it would have developed better protection against child sex abuse by priests and bishops a long time ago rather than being in the process of doing it now.




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