VenomFangX, the favorite whipping boy of YouTube atheists, has been taken offline by his parents. He has claimed his removal was due to death threats he received from Muslims. However, there is absolutely no reason to believe him. Article

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I went back and reread this post (I wrote it at 6AM after 3 hours of sleep). I agree with everything you have said. Besides the picture, I don't understand what is so cruel. I simply stated the facts, and my opinion as to why his stated reasons for closing down his site should not automatically be believed.

I do feel sorry for the kid. However he is an adult and should be held responsible for his actions. He has also caused a lot of pain and damage, so he is somewhat reaping what he sowed.

Please forgive me in advance if I have not understood your reply.
Okay I get it now. I do see the no one should feel sorry for him part. I wrote that in response to a couple videos people posted on YouTube about him being persecuted for his beliefs. However, I did not make that clear. Thanks.
I hope he gets the help he obviously needs.
me too.
The whole paypal thing I had heard about, but not the death of one of his fans. That's truly sad all around.
Eh, the only "crazy" I think this kid has going on is "Fundamentalist religion", he started on youtube with the intent of setting himself up as having his own "ministry" (much of it lifted right from Ken Ham and Kent Hovind).

Frankly as he's not a minor, the whole "shutting down his website" thing seems a bit of a joke (unless of course they were paying for it and held it in their name.

The guy lives in a home of almost mansion-like proportions (you can see portions of the house in some of his youtube videos), I'm betting that after the paypal fraud accusations were leveled his parents wanted to avoid any legal trouble that could involve them held to any liability. Possible that they threatened to cut him off if he didn't comply.

Whatever the real story I'm glad the world will have a slightly smaller inanity quotient, at least for a while.
What is it with this obligation to feel pity and sympathy everyone has ? Really, how can you claim to have these feelings about an absolute stranger, who's only credentials are being deranged and consciously acting maliciously, spitefully and criminally against people who are likewise absolute strangers to him ? Shouldn't you be using your sympathy for problems you actually can do something about ?

Whatever happened to good old fashioned, guilt-free schadenfreude ? VenomFangX and Tony48219 are fart bubbles in the gene pool, and are here for one purpose only - my entertainment. I'll reserve my pity for people who actually are suffering.
Right behind you there FG. There is no point to feeding this troll.
Yep, you got it right, FG.

I don't feel sorry for this twit.
I don't feel sorry for this dingbat. So what if he is mental? Should he get a pass for being a theif and a liar? In the real world, he is reaping what he sowed. Let that be a lesson to him.

Maybe when he comes back he will have cleaned up his act. (Not holding my breath)
He's already back as VenomFangX1
Joe, I have been told by several people that this is an impostor. Someone who is simply uploading his old videos. A friend of his perhaps. Apparently, he doesn't even have access to a computer anymore. Don't know for sure though.



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