Vibrators and dildos stimulate probing questions for Alabama Supreme Court

"..the Supreme Court of Alabama this week upheld the constitutionality of an Alabama statute prohibiting the sale of 'any device designed ... primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs.' "

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Of course it works on theists - if they just believe hard enough. Look for that closed eyed scrunched up face look.
We could have a protest rally where we bring a number of illicitly purchases items. I'm not sure which would be more fun: The pre-rally prop-shopping/sign-making party or the rally itself.

Ooh, or we could all go into the city council office with various toys to ask a judge to make a determination whether or not it's legal.
HA! I think it would be more of a solo project.
Wow. Corn flakes. I'm speechless.
Are those the sugar-cinnamon or plain graham crackers?
Yeah, and what about Teddy Grahams?
I invite some of the single guys on this site to join me in testing the graham cracker theory.
only the guys?? :(
Yeah, no les/bi tendencies. Though if I ever discover any I have a small list of girlfriends willing to initiate me.

Somehow, I'm fine at attracting women and am hopelessly attracted to gay men. If there is a god, the conspicuous lack of available, compatible, single guys in my vicinity (or running into the right guys at the wrong time) is his cruel joke on me.

Hah! I hear that. I would do a Japan leg of the graham cracker study, but *right* guys are painfully absent around here, too. Stupid Japan.
"I would do a Japan leg of the graham cracker study, but *right* guys are painfully absent around here, too."

Too bad. I have a weakness for Asian guys. ;-)
It's a medical device device, honestly officer. It was right there in the September 2009 issue of Scientific American. It said "The Vibrator - One of the first electrical appliances made its way...


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