"Violence erupted in a Cairo on Saturday over a relationship between a Coptic Christian man and a Muslim woman. Such a relationship is forbidden by tradition in Egypt as well as by Islam, which says Muslim women must marry Muslim men so their children are also Muslim.

"The clash took place in the village of Sol, in Helwan Governorate in southern Cairo.

"The woman’s father was killed on Friday by his cousin because the father did not kill his daughter to protect the family’s honor, reported state news agency MENA. The son of the deceased man then killed his father’s cousin in revenge."

The story goes on to tell how a coptic church got burned and another attacked in clashes with Muslims and that this led to protests by the Christians calling for the governor's resignation ... it's all a bit confused, but the notable aspect of the story to me was that nobody seemed to be protesting about the girl's father's murder. All they seemed to care about was getting the church rebuilt.




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Update: 9 March

Wouldn't you think they'd have enough to contend with, given they've got the task of building a new system of governance? 

'Six shot dead' in Egyptian religious clashes

CAIRO — At least six Coptic Christians were shot dead and 45 wounded by gunfire in religious clashes with Muslims in the Egyptian capital, a Coptic priest told AFP on Wednesday, updating an earlier toll.

"We have at the clinic the bodies of six Copts, all of them shot," local priest Samann Ibrahim told AFP, referring to a medical centre attached to his church.

The clashes between Christians and Muslims erupted in the poor working class district of Moqattam mid-afternoon Tuesday when at least 1,000 Christians gathered there to protest the burning of a church last week.

A hospital official had late Tuesday initially reported one person dead.

"We also have 45 people who were injured, all of them, without exception, hit by gunshots. Others who were injured have been taken to other hospitals," said Ibrahim.

He said some among the crowd of Muslims had opened fire on the demonstrators, adding that they had also petrol-bombed local houses and workplaces.

Several plastic recycling shops and warehouses storing cardboard boxes had been torched.

Fighting broke out when dozens of Muslims showed up in Moqattam, inhabited by Copts who work as garbage collectors and who had blocked a main north-south artery in the capital.

People threw rocks from both sides and witnesses said soldiers at the scene fired shots into the air in a bid to disperse the crowds.




A comment below your first article:

  1. What a load of lies. Which army intervened and what calm has been restored. Maybe you ought to see this video of Muslims demolishing the Church, and ask yourself where was the army then???

Religion ruin everything!




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