This is for everyone who thinks that this sort of stuff happens only in Africa.

Muggles Beware!

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It's illegal to perform witchcraft in a church? Then what's with the flesh-eating minions who gather there every week to chant spells?
At what point is stupid finally supposed to start hurting?
As above, when people gather to magically turn crackers into 2,000 year old zombie flesh and blood and eat it, and then complain about people doing witchcraft in the same place, they've lost their damn minds. Oh wait, they've lost their damn minds with just the first half of that sentence.

If it doesn't hurt, you aren't paying attention.
It doesn't hurt me any more. It's like when your foot goes numb from standing in the snow for too long.
The actually believe this stuff. Grown adults fighting over who's imaginary friend is allowed in which building. For fucks sake! Could these people just grow up!
This reminds me of people freaking out that because of JK Rowling, kids were going to learn how to do witchcraft and start cursing people... and then they'd be sorry! It's. Not. F*cking. Real.
It does hurt... it hurts so bad.
From parsing what the "king of the witches" said I'm honestly having a hard time finding a difference between summoning a demon in church and releasing a ferret. Are we sure he didn't just release a ferret?
Was a ferret one of the "clean" ark animals? If not, they may be super pissed either way.
"He should be reported to the police. It's as if someone came into your home and performed some sort of magic trick without your permission."

Ummm, if you believe the magician really did pull a coin out of your ear and that act is somehow demonically related, then yes. It's exactly like that.

If you look up and comprehend the definition of 'trick,' then you're saying it's as if someone came into your house and did nothing the slightest bit harmful without your permission?

Which this is... so ok, I guess the analogy isn't quite so off.
And incidentally, since when do Christians ask our permission before cursing praying for us to be possessed filled with the Holy Spirit?
Yeah, stop looking for rational thinking from the Catholics, you'll hurt yourself.




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