Just saw this on NPR's site:


Lincoln Tunnel Billboard


I think this is a good advertisement, it'll ruffle quite a few feathers. :D

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Because we realize, as the theists do, that you have to make your point when people are paying attention to the subject.  Timing is everything.  It's about time we've had some organization and design in getting our word out.

==="Really, now...why is it that atheists want to stop other people from enjoying themselves in the middle of cold, dreary winter?"===

Very honestly because they indoctrinate children to hate us, hold separation of church and state in complete contempt and attempt to deny us freedom of speech. It was not so long ago that people were burned at the stake for disagreeing with the church or as the result of being thought a witch as the result of being an Atheist.
Per the video below, many theists are relating to us in a scornful holier than thou manner. The way to effectively deal with this is to make the very valid point that nothing good would want to be worshiped in the first place so in endorsing worship they are undermining the dignity of mankind. The more loving an entity is the less not more it wants to be worshiped. Therefore, answering a supposed demand for worship in the name of good is oxymoronic. Unfortunately, too many theists need to and should be hit between the eyes with this.


I do agree that the message can be viewed as "grumpy" but it doesn't hurt anyone. The point is if you are going to put your personal religious views out in the public sphere then your ideas are subject to scrutiny. Period.


Out here in Missouri you can drive along the interstate and many billboards have messages sponsored by church organizations. I think I even saw one that said "believe or go to hell." I would love to see an Atheist message here, I'm sure the sign wouldn't last a day before it was burned down.

There is something to be said for "preachin to the choir", a reminder that you're not the only one out there, so don't let the turkeys get you down. 


Living in a world filled with religious malarky really gets me down sometimes, and signs like this one do help lift my spirits.



It's a great sign.  Plus, it will probaby bring some $$$ to American Atheists and a few more members.

I kind of like making people glare at me and make comments.  Then, I get to play the defensive position, when they initiate the contact.

The most blatant that I wear is a polo shirt with a "42" patch. When people ask the significance of the 42,I remind them of the gospel according to Douglas Adams, and the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

We're going to catch shit for this anyway -- why don't we just wage war on Christmas?

If others are ready to make such a war I would be on board. We would really have to think about the consequences before going all out. I have family members that would disown me if they figured out what I really thought (I don't make it hard, if they really looked into some of the things I talk about or even if they cared to look at my facebook profile they could figure it out.)


I don't know if the whole world would take a media war too well.


I wouldn't be on board with such a war.  I can't see the benefit in dismissing an excuse to spend time with family and friends during the shortest days of the year.  I would say let people call it what ever they want to call it, just as long as government takes no sides when it comes to religion.  Also, this is the best time of the year for advertisement.  I would recommend a guilt free campaign that emphasizes the good things that we have in the world now.




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