Dad says she said she was leaving. So does he know where she went?

If they don't find her before he dies, Accessory to murder for him, manslaughter for her (minimum) - that's what I say...


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So, a 13 year old does not have the right to self-determination. The parents must act in his interest. They are in a tough spot. The kid is vowing to kick and punch anyone who comes near him with a needle, so what can one really do?
He's a minor, so he doesn't have the experience to understand all the implications. Yet it IS chemo, which is poison. I would not want to be in any of their shoes.
The kid is vowing to kick and punch anyone who comes near him with a needle, so what can one really do?

The kid wants to die..? Then let him die.
I think he is mentally retarded. I doubt he really understands what is happening. He is just going by what mommy told him to do.
I guess that changes the perspective a little, but how do you force someone to live who clearly doesn't want to..?
I'm sure it is tough for the parents of a 13 year old when doctors recommend chemo, but which is worse? Suffering the side effects of chemo, or early death because all you did was pray about it?

I admit prayer sometimes helps the living with their grief at the death of a family member. But I have yet to see any evidence that it actually helps cure people of disease.
I have been reading, and the family is treating him with a "special diet" which they believe is shrinking the tumor (it isn't). So they believe it's wrong to administer poison to the body. But it's a tricky situation. I wouldn't want anybody telling me I HAD to take Chemo.
But that's just me, and I am an adult.
This is a terrible story, I....what the?! Glenn Dixon? Dad?
I hope they don't find them. If they do and the kid dies under hospital care. Thy will just blame the hospital.
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